Divorces to Marriages ratio is increasing every year. This means, in Kazakhstan divorces are getting more frequent and marriages are getting more rare. The chances Sabina will get married is getting less every year, and if she does chances she will divorce are getting higher. To increase probability of happier life she should move to South Kazakhstan region as it has lowest Divorces to Marriages ratio, and should avoid Pavlodar region as it has the highest ratio respectively.

The crisis in Sabina's family-life is most likely to happen during the first 5 years of the marriage. That's when most of the couples in Kazakhstan decide to break-up.

If Sabina divorces, she is most likely to have two or more kids. Statistics shows that 70% of the divorces affect kids.

On average, 115156 children are affected due to divorce.

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1.Sabina said "Yes"
to her loved one. Her age is:
2.Chances Sabina will divorce
3.When Sabina is most likely to divorce?
5.Number of kids
affected by divorce
every year:
4.Chances Sabina will end up having kids at divorce time?